Patriot…Hatriot…which will you be?

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George C Marshall, a general from WWll, once said” We must take the nations of the world as they are, the human passions and prejudices of peoples as they exist, and find some way to secure a peaceful world.”
The former Secretary of State made this statement when he was still a military leader; today every American citizen, and the world should think of what it actually means. We must learn to live together notwithstanding a person’s color, religious beliefs, political beliefs, their education, or wealth, or anything else that would make them different in the eyes of the beholder. If we don’t we will most definitely die together!

As it is, “We the People” have been cunningly divided into groups of ‘hatriots”, hating the president, the poor and homeless; hating women, hating liberals, conservatives, hating those of color, and different religious beliefs, and more. A few “to rich”, corporate monopolies, and religious zealot’s”, with their dirty money and influence has, so far, done a good job creating the divides in “We the People”, both in America and the world today. I see and hear more hatriots each day. What gets me is they say they are patriots.

Americans especially, have come to the point of taking little thoughts and making them big problems. We have been brainwashed by this small organized group of people who consider themselves elite. Now it is accepted to hate those whose ideologies disagree with theirs. Well,” Life is too short to be little.” These wise words were spoken by Benjamin Disraeli, a conservative politician and writer in England. They should also be taken seriously. Life is too short to be little, and although important in their own right, all the differing opinions are of little consequence to people as a whole. When allowed to they simply create the hate that divides us all for easy conquer and control.

Harmony and teamwork between us all can only be found by accepting that we all have the right to disagree; that there will always be differences between us, and a true patriot of America’s basic rights would embrace the differences between us and agree that it was okay to be different. We live on this earth, for only a few decades; and we lose many irreplaceable hours worrying, or hating over injustices that, in a year’s time, will be forgotten. Why not apply our lives to worthwhile thoughts and actions or feelings; to real love’s; to the best of our “living life experience”? “Life is too short to be little” for any of we “human animals”. Why be little in our thoughts, words, or actions; it’s dangerous, especially in our overstressed country and world today.

We often allow ourselves to be upset by small things we should forget. Perhaps someone we helped has become ungrateful, someone we believed to be a friend has taken advantage of us; someone we depended on and trusted has shown they cannot be trusted, a reward we deserved has been denied us. We can feel such frustrations so strongly that we find it hard to work or sleep. Now, isn’t that irrational?

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I’m not on the left, or the right, I am both a conservative and liberal, depending on what I have to give both in material goods and spiritual. I’m an American and damned awful proud of that. America has become completely abstract and confused about what why where and how it will remain the greatest country and experiment the world has ever known.

I see America in a battle, not between political parties, not between a free people and its government; rather a battle between “We the People” a few extremely rich people and corporate monopolies. I see a wrong that grows every day, not between the haves and have-nots; rather a battle between those that have too much and expect to take even more from the people they have already taken too much from.

I listened to a gentleman speaking who inspired the writing that I’m doing here today. He said the best patriot is not a hatriot. Rather the best patriot is one who can embrace helping those less fortunate. America has become a nation divided more than Americans working together, of “takers” rather than makers. What ever happened to the givers?

Any intelligent effort to live in a nation, or world, of liberty and freedom for all must start with the ideal and promise of equality. To be a patriot doesn’t mean that one has to hate another because they are different, to be a hatriot on the other hand does. Harmony and cooperation between us all can only be found by accepting that different is good and a true patriot of the world and all its countries, including America would embrace the differences between us and agree that it was okay. In fact it’s good to be different. After all, diversity is the lubricant creation uses to create.

Life, although not little is full of little things; full of small pains and petty grievances which little remedies can cure. A true patriot would embrace both the little and big things as challenges that can make both the world, and America great. Challenges like the greed that spawns hatred, or the ignorance bad politicians, bad corporate leadership, bad religious leadership, and bad media spin off can be changed by a united, free people. Following the bad as truth will never have a peaceful, sustainable, abundant answer for our world. They will, on the other hand, continue to divide “We the People” for greedy, hateful, corrupt leadership to plunder. And “We the People” and the world slip into the abyss of endless suffering and fear.

It’s the small blows to our self-esteem, the indignities; the little jewels to our vanity which cause half the heartaches in the world. Half of the cases in our criminal courts, are offenses originating in little things; barroom brawls, domestic wrangling’s, and insulting remarks or disparaging words, rude actions; little things that often lead to assault and murder. If ordinary civility; the courtesy we expect to be shown to us were extended to every person with whom we come into contact in our daily lives, it would be a real contribution to human brother and sisterhood.

I am a firm believer in the “human being” that lives within the “human animal”; the majority of us don’t want to hurt anything, or hate anything. We simply pray for and pursue abundant happiness in a secure world, and America; is that so little? It’s your choice to be either a patriot or a hatriot. So instead of falling for the hatriots creed, stand together strong as one voice for change for a better world and nation. America is still the best place to live.

America was formed on three moral principles; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. America was formed on the value of equality for all, not just white European immigrants. Be a patriot of both this great country and the world; be a patriot for change for the betterment of us all equally. Allow the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to everyone as long as happiness does not destroy life or this wonderful planet needlessly.

Just a thought:

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