WAKE UP PEOPLE, the NON-violent revolution is here…


Unless things are done quickly, the time will come, and very soon, when no one now involved and living in this country, or the world, will have anything to say or do about its future. Large bodies do move slowly, but what we do between now and November 8 of 2016 will be immensely important for ourselves and our future generations.

There are those in positions of leadership that want to see a better world, and a better nation. There are more in leadership that do not want this. They are those that are payed tremendous amounts of money by a few who instruct them for what they want. These insidious people buy our leadership and the leadership for themselves; the world society is truly at risk. The well-being of the entire world and this country relies, and depends on” we the people” now more than any other time in mankind’s history.

Billions of people all over the planet ache for a better world. That “better world” will never be if their “new world order” becomes a reality. It is for that reason that leadership both in America, and around the world must change. Our world has been engulfed into two great wars, not a continent, not a race, had escaped the suffering and carnage. Leadership in its attempt to stay out of the hostilities ended up giving criminals and despots a means to completely enslave those they conquered.
Businesses all over the world I did well from the carnage. American leaders in business and banks saw their corporations do quite well through the funding of tyrannical dictatorships; and they still do. It should be obvious at that corporations and those who consider themselves elite have no true liking for most the people on this globe, or the planet itself. Truth is they just want the money that we generate; and they want more than anything else to control each and every one of us.

Today our world today seems ready to burst forth with new and even greater ferocity; it’s like a vicious volcanic cycle that has rolled on through generation upon generation. Leadership calls this progress. I question this, and say that our progress is only an illusion created by a few men’s ingenuity who seem bent on destruction for profit.

2016 will usher in presidential elections on November 8 when” We the People” will exercise our voting right and elect our next president and many of our representatives. I, for one find that I must question the ability of the majority of those running for the office of the president. It would seem that on one side hatriots rather than patriots rule. And on the other side patriots for a better world, and America standby while the insanity of the hatriots runs wild. I ask this question,” how can we have a world and a nation where sound reason prevails if our present system is allowed to live on?”

We are the ones who on our shoulders rest of the responsibility of a better world. Will we be responsible together for the best that we can be both as a nation and this world? Or will we be responsible for a dying world we now live in; the world our future generations will inherit.

I am reminded of an old poem that says it all for” we the people”. This old poem actually says that all for each and every one of us when it comes time to elect our leaders.
“ For want of a nail the shoe was lost,
for want of a shoe the horse was lost,
for want of a horse the writer was lost,
for want of a writer the battle was lost,
for the want of a battle the kingdom was lost,
and all for the want of a horseshoe now.”
We each and every one of us is the nail that will determine the future for us, the nation, and the world.

Through a bought and paid for Supreme Court, through a bought and paid for Congress; through the insidious, corrupt few even our elections are being rigged. By using rigged voting machines, machines that would flip votes, through gerrymandering and the buying of corrupt officials if we are not careful, and if we do not watch carefully America’s freedom, and a world of freedom may be sold to an oligarchy the world has never seen before. As was asked in my last blog,” patriotic or hatriot, which shall you be?”

Robert Louis Stevenson once said,” if your morals make you dreary, depend upon it they are wrong.” I would also add to this,” if your values are for greed, hatred, control or any other wrong, they should make you dreary. If the lust for control and power is your only driving force, then you will lead all who follow you into hellfire and darkness.”

Stevenson’s words did not mean that if your life is dull you should abandon any moral standards and seek your happiness in self-indulgence. They remind us all that the true goodness in life is the joyful living of life for us all equally. The courageous of us live with morals that are of a higher value. Those running for president and those running for seats in Congress would do good to display higher values and morals. Of all the candidates now running for president there is only one today that would seem to have those higher values and morals.

It will be up to us who will lead us, and we should bear the shame or the glory for what we will allow in leadership. Simply said,” We the People” will either form a more perfect union, or destroy completely what our founding fathers created in our declaration of independence.

I will close this by saying that the corporate real world will never allow for freedom to live. In fact the only difference between corporatism and National Socialism are the words. I for one will choose life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I will choose freedom.

Just a thought,

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