This isn’t all we have AMERICA…


There are definitely many truly good people in this world; they choose to do as good as they can in everything that they think, say, and do. I think there are more good people than bad; problem is that the bad few seem to think they now own both the world and the people as they have taken most of the wealth. When will the “We the People” wake up to a well-planned American, and world take over by a few who are sick in their minds? When will America wake up to a corporatist coup to steal away our precious democratic republic? I’ve been called a lunatic for talking this way, but this proud American has been watching a sinister plan to destroy democracy and our democratic republic for years. I’m not trying to be a complainer a negative person, rather a realist.



American elections in 2016 are waking” We the People” up to a scam that will surely enslave us to a corporate nightmare; this was never intended by our founding fathers. The scam actually goes deeper than just the elections, the entire system that we live in is the problem. It’s a system that was formed long ago by an establishment whose main goal was to rule.



”We the People”, when divided as we are will help them succeed. Divided, we don’t stand a chance; they will succeed, but we still have a chance to stop the insanity that will enslave everyone in this country to a corporate conspiracy more sinister than the greatest dictators, empires, and monarchies could ever dream up. Our founding fathers never intended for this country to fall into such as a few seem bound to place us.



This isn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last that a banking, monetary scheme would be created to give control of America’s economy to the banks. Andrew Jackson pulled the charter of a bank called Bank of America because he didn’t feel it would be good for the country.    They successfully accomplished this in 1913 with the privately owned central bank we know as the “Federal Reserve”. Fact is, corporations and democracy don’t work well together.



Corporations are the truest form of one man rule when allowed to grow as corporations have in this country since the civil war. Our founding fathers evidently were aware of this; they developed one of the greatest ways to support democracy in government the world has ever known. They separated the powers of government and drafted rules to protect “We the People” and our republic from corporate greed and corruption. American government intended to stop corporations and to guarantee protection to “We the People” from both banks and corporations. Today’s multinational corporate monopolies and their money have all but destroyed those protections. They have even bribed our judicial branch and now are considered persons, with Citizens United they, and a few rich, are trying to buy our democratic elections.



Many have said as I will say now,” Our Republic is at risk; our freedoms, our liberties, our lives, and our right to pursue our happiness (as long as such pursuits do not create unnecessary harms on this country, the world, or people), is simply being destroyed for the greed of a few. I should say again that corporations allowed to run wild do not work well with democracies. Both have their place in our society, but a corporate Republic will never be an answer for a free people. In fact, most people would become sick to their stomach thinking that their freedom could be stolen away in such a cynical way, but, it’s happening right before our eyes. Social unrest seems to be the byproduct of such as George H Bush, Ronald Ragan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Pres. Obama when unrestrained corporatism collides with a democratic, free people.



So why do I write this at this time? To say that our American problem will never be solved by either of the candidates, democratic or republican in 2016. Neither, as I have observed, will do any more than tell us they will while sending our country to ruin. They are both pathological liars, and corporatists. The media, both mainstream and alternative, constantly run stories exposing criminal acts. Both mainstream candidates popularity with the voters is lower than 51%. Both are trying to sway we free people into believing them while building just another establishment political machine. Both are surrounding themselves with the same billionaire class the establishment is all about. Neither seems to be any more than crooks and egomaniacs. I don’t see a prosperous future for “We the People” if either one becomes president.



You may say, we still have congress, if you think this you truly are the lunatic. Even our supreme court has become a nest of corporate thieves and scoundrels. I’m not saying that there are not honest representatives or justices, I am saying that they have become outnumbered by those who have sold “We the People” out.


We can, we will, and we must unite, stop arguing about two truly bad choices for president and clean our houses, both in Washington, and in the states. It simply is time, Bernie started a NON- violent revolution; it is for us to finish it. We don’t have to resort to violence, violence will just bring more violence. We can begin by not voting for either of the candidates presented on a bought and owned media. We can then use our constitutional right to express our grievances through civil and economic disobedience. But to vote for either of the mainstream candidates is to vote for another criminal establishment; and isn’t that what we want to get out of?



It’s not too late, it’s time America. Just a thought:

DocThis isn’t all we have AMERICA…

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