When you are the anvil, hold you still; when you are the hammer, strike your fill.” –John Florio–
These words written in 1591, express a beautiful and economical; deep truth. That truth is, in order to live our lives we require these two balanced and related qualities. You could say that in today’s world they would be “humbleness” and “steadfastness “; both can work well even in distress; both can equal “strength in action”. We stand at a cross-road today, one of importance in both our humbleness and our steadfastness. We are both the object and the subject in this matter; and will either be the slave of fate or its master.

Truth is, there are and will be some situations and circumstances in which we will be unable to take action. They may strike at any hour with a shocking force. All we truly can do is brace ourselves against the shock and learn from it. These are our anvil moments.

There are also the other situations and conditions in which we will have the power to choose how to act. There will be times when we require our firmness and singleness of purpose. In those times we would do well to strike hard, and above all, strike at the right place and time. With just two other qualities…patience, and strength—“We the People” can endure anything, and achieve many positive things for ourselves, this nation, and the world. We can become our “Strength in Action” when we “Unite and Act”. I would suggest we become both the hammer and the anvil today; I would suggest we unite and act as one strong voice to say ENOUGH to corrupt government and business. “Action Changes Things”!

The scandalous actions of many in politics, and business today, would suggest that our fragile Democratic Republic is at risk of being stolen from US-All by a few who no longer desire a free and democratic nation of “Self Rule”. There may be those who read this article who will say “Just another conspiracy theory”. I would suggest to those who will cry conspiracy WAKE UP AND TRULY SMELL THE BURNT COFFEE! And I will suggest that there truly is a conspiracy against freedom throughout the world. In America, if “We the People” are to continue living in the “Land of the free, and Home of the brave” we must wake up to what is really happening in our wonderful Democratic Republic, and the world.

Our way of life is more today than ever before being threatened. Often the threats come from those sworn to protect our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our Democratic Republic. Today this nation, under God, this nation, which still is the greatest experiment for a free people, this America with its still brilliant Constitution, and Bill of Rights; this nation of diverse people who still feel they have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”; has at its fingertips the necessary instruments to take our country back from those who seem bent on destroying it from within. You may question what that instrument is. Simply put, it’s “We the people”; if we come together to “Form a more perfect Union”. The corrupt and unbalanced establishment doesn’t think we can, or will. That’s why they are becoming more blatant in their words and actions. It’s why we have an election in which neither candidate is trusted or liked.

The freedoms and liberties we Americans have have a cost to them, it’s not money, nor violence, or coercion of any kind. Rather it is participation, that’s what self rule is all about. It won’t happen through a system that is as corrupt as America has today. It can happen through the tweaking and fixing of the system that brought this nation to its independence. I’m not talking of taking up arms, or a rebellion through militia and solders; rather a “Movement” of a free people uniting in one great wave demanding what our great American documents guaranteed the day they were written. That being; “We the People”, of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure Domestic tranquility, provide for a common defense, promote general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution and “Bill of Rights” for these “United States of America.”

There’s nothing in this statement that would allow for any small band of people to assume they should take away, or destroy the America that so many “American Hero’s”; since this declaration was written, have sacrificed their lives for. So, why should we allow such treachery to succeed? Our nation was formed from a movement to end certain political relationships, to assure God Given rights to every man and woman, to end an unjust government, to create equality among all men and women, to form a government that would protect the weak and poor from the wealthy and big business.

I was raised believing, (and still do), that “God created man and woman. Man and woman, created the Constitution; the Constitution created government; and Government created Corporations”. Today’s cynical world seems to teach that a rich few and corporations create government, corporations and the few run government, and Man and Woman are no more than “Human Resources, inventory”, to be used and abused for their profit. That worthless Federal Reserve Dollars are God. I would also suggest that most of the world, and this nation have been conditioned to believe the cynical are right today.

Truth is today we still have the power to stop the madness and create change. Truth is that if the government becomes corrupt; “We the People”, have the right to assemble and change the government; not by force of arms, rather by participating in our “self rule” process. I also suggest that one role of government is to protect the people from “out of control” big business. Again, I speak of a “Movement”. Again I am not suggesting violence or terrorism; today’s terrorists , for the most part are the ones wearing the suits and ties in the board rooms, on Wall street, in Congress, and at times in the White House, and many other countries. It’s time, time to fire or replace the bunch of them, both in government and business. It’s time we begin learning from the lessons presented from a corrupt establishment. It’s time to form a more perfect Union of free and prosperous people. It’s “Time for America to be great again for its people, (not that America isn’t great already); an America by and for the people; not corporations and the “Chosen few”. It’s time to bring equality and justice to people all over the world. Why can’t America export the idea that was our American Democratic Republic? This would be an “American Movement” that could save the world from a corporate sickness that is out to destroy the world for profit. You know what I’m talking about, corporate worships money and profit more than life.

I truly don’t see anything wrong with people assembling, marching, even demonstrating for change, or to be heard. As long as “We the People” do not become violent in our assembly. “Mohandas Gandhi proved in India that non-violence works better, and becomes more powerful as it moves. The concept of “civil and economic disobedience” as a vehicle for change against tyranny; nonviolence work so well.

I would hope America wakes up first rather than last. I also hope we unite against an oligarchy and corporate nightmare now, as anytime is a good time for a NON-violent revolution against any tyrannical agenda, even if it’s “Made in America”. It’s time to ACT as Action Changes Things.

2016 is a good time to change, just a thought:

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