Wake up…Stand up…It’s your life, and your children’s future…


This country became a reality when a few farsighted people said,” enough to tyrants”; stood their ground, and fought against one of the greatest military’s and economic forces the world had known to date. The great American experiment began when average men and women won their fight for independence. From its inception, our freedoms and democracy have been at risk; equality and the right to” life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is what was fought for and is still in jeopardy of being stolen.

At the signing of the Declaration of Independence some believed that the government should be a monarchy, they even were ready to make George Washington, King of our new nation. Fortunately he turned them down, even he believed in the God-given rights of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A radically new form of government was developed; one that gave each and every one of us the right to participate, and to create a nation based on those four principles; equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our forefathers fought valiantly; I don’t know if it was because God wanted this nation of people to be, or that the will of a people to know liberty from oppression was so strong that they simply said we will fight to the very end and win. Even after winning the fight, America has been at risk as unscrupulous people would try to destroy a fragile Democratic Republic throughout our short history.

Although our founding fathers believed in the equality, even they were not perfect in their conception of equality. Many of them in fact had slaves; and many of them felt they were better than those who had fought so valiantly to move away from the tyranny of a king. Even a great Civil War, one that would consume over 600,000 lives, both black and white would not completely end the evils of racism, inequality, greed and more. This has become obvious since a good, but not perfect man, an example of America’s great melting pot, was elected president.

Tyranny, inequality, racism, and more injustices are running rampant all over a world whose monetary economic system relies on keeping the world in debt slavery. Tyrants around the world are working ever harder at enslaving us all. Governments are now bought and owned by a few super rich, and corporate monopolies, who believe that all their billions should make them the new God, and creator of a new world. I shudder to think of what the future holds for our future generations if their “new world order” succeeds.
Many around the world are standing together and saying,” ENOUGH”. It’s time for America and the world’s people to come together as one strong voice for change. The change should be for equally, stability, and sustainability. Rights for today and for future generations. Governments are now bought and owned by a few who believe that all their billions should make them ruler, the new God, and creator of their “New World Order”. So far they have succeeded in creating a “No World Order”, one based on greed, hatred, and ignorance.

This is why I am introducing a new website, nuwantsnews.com, and a new Facebook page, 47%…”We the People”… I truly believe that it’s time for voices that represent and support nonviolent change for both America, and the world.” We the people” of this great nation, and the world are being divided in ways that unscrupulous rulers have used since the beginning of mankind’s reign on this planet to keep us weak and conquerable.

I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with the articles that I write; I also hope that there will be many who will comment on the new Facebook page. I feel I should say that I am a capitalist who embraces “democratic socialism” in many ways. I also feel I should say that I believe in equality for all, and that each and every one of us has the God given rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As long as we can all enjoy these rights together; equally; I believe that we can have a sustainable, stable nation and world. There is much more I could say here, but feel it will be better to say them in the future. So, get ready world, “Wake up…Speak up…It’s your life and your children’s future”. It’s time to “Use your brain”; not let others use it for you.

Just a thought:


“The ideal man is his own best friend and takes delight in privacy.” –Aristotle–

We are becoming more and more alone in a world that daily becomes more and more  open and available. Like the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland,” we keep running in order to simply stay where we are. A hectic tempo has been drummed into our brain, and our way of living as we become more and more just a “Human Resource” to be used and abused until totally used up. Today’s idea would suggest that when we are used up we should be rewarded with less than than nothing, not even a thank you, as the activity of business rolls on. Will such a way of living is be our modern way of living. We have either forgotten or simply been conditioned to be this way.

I once read an article about the beginning of our industrial revolution. In those days most people lived and worked on family farms. Everyone worked from sun up to sun down, sometimes seven days a week. The beauty of it all was that the farm was usually self sufficient, and the days were slower, more casual.

As industrialists realized the need for personal a sales pitch was developed; “Come work only 10 hours a day in our factories six days a week and you will have one day off to relax. You will also earn more money than on the farm and will be able to buy many of the things you manufacture in our factories. Life will be better”.

One day as the need for more personnel was noticed another cry went out from the industrialists, Come to the cities, work for us, we will pay you more and work you less, only five days a week. You will earn more money, work  less, have more leisure time, and have a better lifestyle”.

As time moved on, another cry went to those left on the farm, “Come work for us, we will only work you eight hours a day, five days a week and pay you even more money. You will have much more leisure time with more money to spend, and more modern gadgets to spend it on to make your life easier”.

That was then, now is now; we work most of the time for less money to spend on gadgets that are not worth the money, less leisure time, no security and a lot of worry. We cannot slow down and often find that in the biggest crowd we are alone, fearful of a future that at best is bleak. Oh how good life can become when we listen to those who would use the “Human Recourse” as it is today.

Our leadership has failed and done so miserably, our world has become no more than an illusion of what it used to be and we cannot find the time to simply just BE. How often during the furious activity of our week do we think of and plan all the things we will accomplish, possibly on the weekend. But when the weekend arrives we find that other things also should be done.  After all we should spend some time as a family, you know, that relationship that once was the foundation of American life, dysfunctional or not. Finally we end up with little accomplished and another week beginning full of all the stuff we do not want to especially devote our time to. Just a “Human Resource” for another to use up, that is if there is a job to exploit we resource’s in our now “consumable society”. We no longer have the worry of the Red Queen’s “Off with the head”  we are more not using our heads; we gave the thinking up to those who are not thinking of any more than the money they can take as they consume us.

The healthy man is one who see’s the foolishness of our day, the ideal man is the one who becomes aware of the illusion pushed upon us all and says “ENOUGH”, who allows for himself to become his thought. He behaves as a social being while at the same time co-creates a society where personal freedoms and society co-exist.

He is aware of his own self and the company of others as equals, each one as important as the other for the benefit of both self and others. He knows that each day he must give some time to himself to contemplate and meditate, to look over his actions and then compare them to his intentions, making constructive plans to better not just himself but the world he is a unique part of. His is a future with securities for everyone as he is one of the whole. After all MOOD is ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE is all there is, all there is is life and living, HOW shall we live?

The problem today is where to find the time or the place to be alone enough to think freely. I think this is the most important time each one of us can take. To escape from the illusion we have been conformed to, to the world we dream of having, to a world of peace, joy, love, happiness, excitement, of dreams of how it could be.

Privacy of this sort can still be found by anyone. Without it there can be no end to the madness that steals our precious lives from us for no more than the lies and stupidity our leaders would have us believe is normal. We each must find it if we are to maintain a sane, happy life, we each must demand it if we are to enjoy the happy leisurely inner life we have lost while playing the “RAT RACE” game.

WAKE UP before it is to late, it’s your life you are sacrificing for nothing. Where have all the promises gone????? Better yet…where have you gone???

Doc Dan


Saw a man on the side of the road as I was traveling from a speaking engagement. He had a sign, “Homeless…Want to work”. Been noticing many who have signs, who do not have homes. What is wrong with us, are we becoming so numb, so incensed to our spiritual selves we no longer care. What is wrong with leadership, with “We the People” that we seem able to trade our humanities for in-humanities?

It has been said, and I do believe that the universe and all that is a part of it is permeated by an energy. This energy emanates from a single source; what many would call “The great mystery”, while others would call “God. This energy, or power, although singular in its essence seems to manifest itself in three ways; as static inertia, dynamic inertia, or mental energy such as thought. It is the harmonious union of these three reacting opposites that would be the cause of the universe, or the macrocosm from which the human life form seems to be the duplicate in the form of the microcosm. I say this as we humans seem to be the only form of life on this planet that is conscious and aware, through “creative thought”, of these thoughts, theories, or realities.

The concept of God, Spirit, or the Great mystery has been brought to an expression by we “human animals”. Our history and evolution has conjoined us with a concept of a “Universal Architect” which we through our unique gift of “creative thought” have bonded with as our concept of a spiritual being. I, for one, feel that I am a spiritual being living in an animal’s body by a divine reasoning to experience life as a human being. It is from this personal awareness of who I am that I greet each day with an optimism of profound spiritual truth. It should also be said that my spiritual truth is of a personal way of accepting a universal creator which takes from many religious paths to form my truth. I should also say that my spiritual understanding also accepts “Nature” as an ultimate understanding of God. As we find so many religious paths, all leading to a spiritual awareness; it can also be said that an exclusivity to defining God, or spirit is not exclusive. To box the infinite simply creates a finite creator; the universal creator is multi dimensional in multiple ways. Again, an opinion from me to you.

It seems today that there are those who do not believe in the rationality of the universe, or the simple understanding of what we refer to as God. Religion itself must shoulder some of the blame for this. It often is the boxing of that which is un box-able that causes this. Our relationship to a higher power, or awareness has since our beginning of awareness through human consciousness been based on a higher way of being. Our gift of “creative thought” allows for reason through logic and rational to find purpose and growth as more than simply a human animal. This is how we have progressed as what we refer to as the highest form of life on the planet.

We human animals have created many system for living on “Spaceship Earth”. Our economic, educational, governmental, social, and religious systems seem to be the only way most of us can live here on our “Mother Earth. We have so regarded and so misused them, it is the potent cup that drinks us downward into spiritual poverty and eventual ruin. I question if we are amputating our spiritual self from our selves either by the manipulation of a few who have lost their ways through Greed and control, or if we are simply doing the madness to our selves frustrated at the world we all have created to live in together. It is quite possible, and very probable, that the great transformation proclaimed today is going to be one that is more of attitude, and action, more than anything else. It will be for us to wake our selves up and change the systems; I do feel if we don’t there will be no one else to do it for us.

Systems is the key word as I see it. One of the systems created in the 20th century was the machine system. The industrial age of manufacturing, (often more than could be consumed), created a machine age system. That system was based on simply making money while manufacturing a better society. I would suggest first that we all are responsible for the system and its destructive consequences as seen today. I would also say that most of “We the People” did not realize the future we were creating for us all within it. There were those who would sell their souls for the money and wealth the system would generate for them. Most simply wanted a better life.

Our emerging modern machine system; one that is simply a repeat of the old system, but more technology oriented, has not changed and does create a model of a human machine, the spirit of that model does not resonate with the human spirit much. We seem to be in a school that is destroying our human spirit for one that is machine oriented. Could this be why we now are “Human Resources”, divided into two groups, the haves and the have-nots? Still, the system is based on the same principles, the most important being accumulating money. It has not changed; rather we are, as we become more and more detached from the humanities we cherished so much in the past.

Our world today would seem to be disoriented and dependent on systems that have not and will not create change. If they do create change it will not truly be change, it will be more of the same disguised as change. I question whether we are ready to become just a cog in some one else s machine. We will not be what we want to be, Anyone watch “Star Treks Borg” series, such pitiful lives to not be while being. They were resources to be abused and used no humanity what so ever. We can be that also if we do not wake up.

We, in our present machine system have already destroyed 25% of the species on “Planet earth”, while also destroying the worlds cultural diversity. 2,000 language systems have disappeared from our world since the beginning of our machine age. That also can represent the destruction of our diversity of human creativity and thought. This is accelerating today at ever more frenzy while we truly have no expectation of truly knowing where we are going. There may be those who think they do, we will not know until we get there. A life as a machine just doesn’t sound good right now, I like being me.

Doom and gloom is the fatalism we face when we ignore immutable laws of nature for a system that is out of touch with nature and humanity. Our machine age thinking has created a world of corporate capitalism that is destroying everything for no more than an illusion of security. This seems to be the reason for all the frenzy, confusion, and need for control today. Our spirituality is being cut away in the frenzy also. We feel powerless when our system creates a state of co-dependency rather than inter-dependency. Powerlessness and prowess are simply opposite ends of the plan of action. There truly is a better system that can be created. A question today is can we wake ourselves up and move from a system that will not provide a future of prosperity and abundance for all?

Doom and gloom is a reality that should be faced; that might inspire change even more than allowing the present systems to simply go on. It will take people shouting, standing up and becoming active, facing the doom and gloom with hope and faith, and more than likely aggravating those whose hearts have been hardened through their own insecurities and self-centered selfishness that supports such a system as we have today. They truly are the most horrible of all terrorists.

The awakening will not simply happen if those who are inspired do not speak up as the sleep has become disguised as the right way. A machine system is not a sustainable system for humanity unless, of course, humanity chooses to end being human. What scares me is that there are those who would embrace this as our future.

“We the People” can create a system of living, or a “living system” that embraces the magnificence of the human being. It has been done before, long before we found ourselves in system as we have today. Some would call it the “Golden age” of man. I do believe that even if that age did not exist before we can create it today. This would require us to stop supporting the present system, “civil and economic disobedience. The concept is not necessarily bad, it is waking up and changing in a non-violent form. It could be based on our higher spiritual values and truly become a “Living System”.

We have become true system thinkers, the problem is we have also been taught to not stand together, rather to do it on our own. We are divided through religion, politics, economics, race, and more. This could be an easier path to the surgical removal of our spirituality. The human race has survived for all the time we have been here not by doing it on our own; rather as a family, a community of compassionate animals we call human. Today we do stand at a cross-road, one that will define who we are for a long time. We can conceive a future based on our present system; second one that truly is independent and free from the present influences, and third, one that awakens and becomes aware that we are the system and we, not simply a divine transformation are going to be responsible for our future, we can create a “Living System”, one that would bring a Golden age to the time of man.

I have said in so many ways that we are the world and the world will be us; this will always be true if we are the stewards of this world. As stewards we should not go about destroying the only home we have for no more than the illusion greed makes of our economic system. The doom and gloom are not necessary the only results for “We the People”. We can have joy and abundance.

There is simply only one law of karma in this life, that of “cause and effect”. We are the cause, the world is the effect. Acceptance of self opens to the truth of the world, as Buddha said, “it is your mind that has created this world.”.. Like attracts and creates like, both in good and evil. How do these energies influence you? For either to connect with anyone it must find a resonance within. And we can and do resonate to both like it or not. We also have free will and choice as to which we will do. We as men and women are capable of loving and giving while at the same time of taking and killing. Accepting that we either one human animal, or a family of human animals create the world we live in, or influence the thoughts of others in our diabolical manifestations of EGO may create the world we live in is a reality we all should resonate with. We simply create our own suffering or we can change this. We have a divine spiritual awakening crying that we do. It hasn’t been cut out all together yet.

Our world today is one of fear, one of weakness in self which creates weakness in our society’s. The out of control globalists, governments, educators, and religions use our fear to control which simply creates more fear. The Bin Laden thing is a very good example of this. To face the fear is to make it harmless, to face the system that is given so much power from the fear is to speak out about it, to act in changing it. Religions themselves can and often do control human adherents. If fear has become the feature of humanity, love itself is the quality of God. Spirit as Love, or Love as spirit may become the working spiritual model for our transformation.

The cost may be enormous to those who love life and the world enough to be a voice of change. It has been said, “ BEHIND EVERY NEGATIVE THERE IS A POSITIVE WAITING TO BE KNOWN. THE PROFOUNDNESS OF NATURE OF THE DIVINE IS THAT NEGATIVE IS SUPERIMPOSED ON MAN BY SEPARATING MANS CONSCIOUSNESS FROM ITS SOURCE. From this man creates FEAR”. Are we ready to amputate our spiritual wellness and awareness from us today because of the FEAR created by incompetence, greed, hatred, and ignorance? I for one do not think so, it would be impossible to be human beings without it.

So why do we hang on to the bad things so tightly less we are fearful of what we want the most, CHANGE? Accepting we human animals as what we are opens the door to becoming the human beings we were meant to be, this is the change so many speak of. Our beliefs are the rocks that allow us to discover little nuggets. Are we ready to strip away our beliefs for a machine age ideal of BORG?

Beliefs are more valuable than gold and are the most valuable of currencies. They pay the way to either better or worse and attract what they radiate. Either wealth our poverty are bought and paid for by our beliefs. The systems today have lost touch with our beliefs, they would cut them from us for beliefs in greed, hatred, and ignorance as they have been trying to do for centuries. We truly are at a cross roads, one that will define the human animal until we commit slow suicide or change the systems. When our beliefs are supportive and appropriate for our selves, our society’s, and our world they will create inexhaustible wealth for us all. If, however, they are not they will create nothing but obstacle and suffering for us all.

This time of transition, of awakening, is a time of choices for us all. Our free will, our freedoms, our liberties, and our right to the pursuit of happiness, (as long as it does not harm others), truly is at stake. I for one will not forget my spiritual inheritance. I simply cannot stand by while it is cut away for systems that simply will end the reign of man, the stewardship given to man by our unconditionally loving creator. What about you?

As was given at a gathering some time ago, “The system you have created must crumble and do so completely before the transformation can take place. Your system would make man God over man, this will not be as God is God and creator of man. God in man is the transition you cry for, we realize this and want to give this to you. We must turn our eyes from you when you turn you sight from us. You have cried to us while denying our truth and way. The time has come for your system to end, it must be destroyed totally. This does not mean you will be destroyed completely for those who will awaken to our call shall be the future. The growth will be of our thought first as you are our thought. We gave you the gift of creative thought but will not allow for you too much longer destroy our love through your thought. The system must collapse completely.” Doggone…it’s not to late yet I guess that gives me HOPE for us all. After all “Hope is Faith in Action”.


What are we, and Why are we here…

“This second too, is but a part of eternity…conscious of this begins the journey of I Am…Awareness of this begins the journey of why I am…This begins the journey of what I am…This is Infinite Awareness as, I Am…”—Nuwants—


Take this kiss upon the brow!

And, in it parting from you now,

This much let me avow —

You are not wrong, who dream

That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away

In night, or in a day,

In a vision, or in none,

Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream…

As I write this I find myself reflecting, questioning; so many ways of believing, or searching for what, I simply do not know. My life has been one of many different views, beliefs, experiences;  searching for just one small thread that would open the box of patch work quilting that could put it all together. Seems that is about what life is at times, a patch work quilt of learning, experiencing; living, one moment to the next not truly knowing where I am, or where I will be, living the mystery. Simply moving along as best I can planning for a better NOW as I experience  NOW. It can be a dream, and sometimes would better be described as my personal nightmare, yet when all is said and done it simply is.

I am often asked at workshops, seminars, and open talk lectures questions. Seems we search for the answers, often through our entire lives. Amer-Indian culture has said, we search our whole lives for the “True You”. Philosophers, and wise teachers have pondered these questions, and more, while trying to sort out the role we human animals play in our personal, social, worldly, and universal existence. Well, I certainly do not propose to have the  answers to these and many other  questions other than to say I do not believe it is to suffer through our linear existence and then to pass on to another place of peace and bliss. I truly feel we can have peace, abundance, happiness, and a form of bliss right in the here and now.

I often respond to such questions with this, “To enjoy each day to its fullest”, “We are more than we allow ourselves to be”, and “What do you think”? I also say the liner existence taught to many of us is really a circle of circles, ups and down’s with in between s until we complete the journey and close our circle. We then move to the next adventure of simply being, in another way.

One of my workshops, “Riding the Elephant, Driving the Elephant”, /”The Happiness Hypothesis” touches on many of the seemingly eternal question of “Why”. I begin this workshop with some interesting information, most of which many find hard to believe. I usually begin with a statement from the first “Matrix” movie, “What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it.” We more often than not try to intellectualize and guess for our answers. We also try to quantify what we do not understand or know through science. Our religious beliefs, and our sciences, both either are based on blind faith or theories to say the least. What we do prove becomes the next adventure of understanding.  We eventually find our selves more confused and lost than when we began our journey of awareness.

Ask anyone who they are and they will give you a name, a gender, height, weight, skin color, nationality,  even their status in our material world. Ask why we are here and the answers will also come as though lost in a state of limitless confusion. The conditioned “ME” mentality often seems the only way of being. Individualized and separate in every way as we see our selves. What we are is only one tiny speck of what we truly may be. I, as we all do, am speaking from my perspective, and sharing my opinion. It does not have to be yours, yours will always be most important to you.

The  forms of “False Identification” as the “ME” mentality creates could be the major reason we have such chaos and confusion in the world today. It truly could be that it all starts with that individual self that is not  that individual after all. What do you see when you look in a mirror but that which you think you are? And is the reflection you see the whole of you? As stated by Descartes, “I think therefore I am”. He should have finished his quote with, “So what do I think I am?”

One certainty is each and every one of us human animals are human beings; different sizes, colors, sexes, preferences, nationalities, cultures, religions and more; but still human beings. I think the best part of being human is learning how to be as “Being”. Could it be that the biggest difference in all of us is our individual perceptions of our selves, our cultures, societies, and our world? When it is “ME’ the rest of us are not as important to the whole as the whole becomes “ME”, this is an out of control ego at work. Is “ME”, important to it all? Of course; without concern for “ME” I could end up hurt or even dead. In the reality we call life I would cease to experience the excitement of being. I, as most of us do like living; it has its perks. This bring this article to the why it was written part, “What are we, and Why are we here…”

To begin with we are extraordinary, magnanimous, more than most of us would ever believe. We have been conditioned over man’s history to believe we are none of the above. It’s like on one hand we are told this is what we are and then we are taught we are not, instead just “Little People”, imperfect. Confusing, simply confusing; and possibly made so purposely. So what are we? An answer could be, we are a life force we call SPIRIT, that works through an on board “organic computer” we call a brain. The brain then becomes our “MIND”, which is housed in the upper most part, (our head), of an organic machine or vehicle we call a BODY. Thus we are a body, mind, spirit entity we call a human being.

Our on board organic computer, (our brain), is truly a power house of infinite possibilities. It is theorized that it is able to store 100 trillion bits of information. We use only 4 to 6 percent of its capabilities today, the rest is waiting to be used. There are those who say that we cannot use what we have in our head, I truly do not believe that; most of us have been conditioned to believe it. Instead of using it we abuse it and follow the leaders that are as lost as we are in their world of “False Identification”. I feel it is an untapped source of pure, infinite, creative power waiting for us to grow up so that we can use it for the good of us all. Today’s foolish and childminder ways often leaves the majority of us “Eyes wide open, while asleep at the wheel of life”. Then there are those who say they are awake and aware while unconscious as to their higher values. And then there are the insecure ones who feel that controlling everyone else will allow their out of control ego’s to better find self-control. I said this at a workshop once some time ago, “Awareness…Knowing the real from the UN-real…It is so easy, yet so hard if one is not conscious of awareness. Those who do not know work to gain wealth and material power over others…There are greater things than this that are ever lasting…Once one becomes aware of this they desire the others no more…Sustainability then becomes simple…” I think that until we truly wake up the wonders of our true intelligence, the abilities of our true creativity, and the best of our capabilities will be kept from us by us, and that universal creator only to protect our selves and the universe from us.

We have an “organic computer tape” called DNA that is us, it truly is our program, what a genius our universal creator. Each time a man and women create another human life it becomes unique as the human it is. This is so as both the DNA of the man and women come together to create that new human life. Again we use about 4 to 6 percent of this program today to be what we are. Scientist’s have said the rest of it is simply junk. Again I simply find their assumption to be ridiculous. And for those who do not know we have an estimated 120 billion miles of DNA strand in us.  I will get into this much more in future articles,  It is time we begin learning more about we “Human Animals” as we simply are such miracles and are so powerful. There is an awakening at work in our world today, so many  are beginning to see beyond the conditioned blinders placed on us so long ago. Could say that we are becoming aware of the consciousness we’ve always  had. Remember; all the stuff concerning 2012, transitioning as many would say? I feel it is not the end, rather the beginning if we will wake up.

Firstly, could we be the most amazing trinity known on this planet? And, as any conscious life form that is aware could we be infinite in our abilities and growing in understanding this? Could we truly be infinite in what we are? In just our physical, mental self we are more than most would guess. Our DNA is beyond comprehension as what it all may represent. Our time as “Homo sapiens” is so short in the time-line of the planet and the universes existence. We are still in our infancy by that clock. We have not begun to touch the power of our brain. Truth is we have been using more brain power to control and destroy both our world and ourselves than to build a better self and world.  Are we simply  cold-blooded, cynical, killer’s and destroyer’s? Are we here to bring pain to the world and ourselves in the name of GREED, HATRED; and IGNORANT of the self we may have been long ago? As a part of the primate world, are we as other primates, intelligent yet brute animals with a tiny bite of humanity in us? Or are we of a higher awareness, conscious of both the lower self and aware of a higher self trying to find how to simply be? If that be true we simply are in a state of being while learning how to be.

We are what we think we are. We are in truth the illusion we create for us to be based on those ideals we project as the ones we will live with, what are our human values anyway? We truly have, throughout our short time in Earthly history shown how brutal we can be to our selves, others, our society’s and cultures, and our world. Shall we simply be as our distant relatives, unaware of the best we can be while surviving as simply “ME”? If so then You no longer matter as you are not Me.  Sound like the way we are today? That simply does not sound like I am and so many others are who are “Awakening”. We human animals have awareness of a higher way of thinking and being, or at least I would like to think we do. In fact that may be the foundation of the “Human Being”, as compared to simply the human animal. As stated earlier in this article we are aware of more than just the animal we are, we are conscious of our body, and create of our selves as we think with our mind, and seek to better understand our life force energy which we call spirit.

Could our DNA organic computer program in truth be infinite in its program, and are we on the beginning edge of realizing this, possibly once again? Could our “organic computer” of a brain simply be waiting for us to use the wealth of knowledge and creation to truly make a place of wonderment upon this planet? I Feel there is an intelligent universal creator waiting for us to grow up so we can have the genius of “Being” more than we are at present. Many great and wonderful teachers including Jesus have said we are Gods in the making, not GOD that created all of this simply parts of a family of GOD our creator. There are also those who would say we are fallen and learning to stand up again. All opinions have merit and none are worth killing each other over.

One can see the creative genius we have by observing the way we create weapons, not instruments for survival, rather tools to destroy our selves. Living in fear of our selves we come closer each day to a perfect killing machine for us all. Our “Greed for “Me” seems bent on destroying our only home for a paper tiger we call money. Why not use our immense intelligence to create tool’s for peace?

I wonder what we as a world and a people could create if we were to take 1 tenth of the worlds military budgets and invest it in creating of tools for peace? I also wonder what we could do with another 10th of the worlds “War System” budget to feed the world? And I again wonder what could be done with another 10% of this destruction budget if it were used to educate the children of the world? And too, I wonder what  another 10% could do if used to better understand our spiritual selves, and the oneness we all are? Seems that all religious belief systems teach this, we are all one as children of God. We then use the weapons of war to kill each other in the name of God, what a stupid joke on us all. Ignorance of the magnitude of our capabilities while destroying everything because we see our selves as separate in the eyes of our creator.

Just 40% of what we use to destroy ourselves could create the heaven on earth so many dream of. The other 60% of our self-inflicted suicide budget could be used to clean up the mess we have made of this planet, the only home we have as human animals. It could be used to create the green planet our leaders say they want to create. I have often said, “ It is the good, the pure, the merciful nature of men and women that lights the Divine presence of the self-conscious seeds of our source. From this Virgin womb of Virtues can come the birth, the true man and women, the children of freedom, of right will, or good will, or Gods will”.

What are we? We are intelligent, creative, geniuses, with the creativity of GOD flowing through us. A divine reasoning that can bring the human animal to what many say would be the next “Golden Age” of man. Why are we here? To learn, to experience, “awaken” to the miracle we truly are. And we can do and become this if simply we choose to. The wisdom of the universal architect is given and has been given to us through our life experience. From simply living life we experience the ups and downs and the in between’s each and every day. They all are from the free will of choice we all have. Our experience gives us the knowledge of how to better live and create the lives we will live as individuals, societies, and as a world family. Knowledge truly is power, and we as individuals, and a family of human beings have so much power today. By our own thoughts, words, and actions we through free will and choice will either destroy or create holistically our destinies. The “Dream within the dream” can be more than a nightmare when we awaken to what we are.

I have also said that if 1000 men and women agree upon a subject and know nothing of it their opinions are of no value. For any one of us, or our world family of human animals to experience “Being” the journey should start with self. Rather than frittering away our gifts and our world upon superstitions of men we can use what we are by awakening to the newness we feel and change our selves and our world to the beauty it always was meant to be. Not just for a chosen few, but for the family we always have been. I feel we have learned enough, that the knowledge is readily available, and we are truly intelligent enough to change.

We may in spirit be infinite and eternal, we may also in spirit be unchangeable, (as spirit simply is), and poses all the wisdom of our creator. In mind we may be changeable, we are also unpredictable as we truly do think and through thought, “creative thought”, are co-creators of our destinies. The statement from Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”. For we human animals we truly should follow his statement with, “So what do I think I am, what do I think my nation is, what do I think my country is, What do I think my world is”? And is it the way it could be if we all change, if I change? To be as God firstly would require us to know God, our source, and yet we are of that source. Maybe we forget this as we grow into adulthood. We are a reflection of the source if we choose to be. Could we be here to better know what we are rather than think of what we are? “Be free to be and know the beauty of self as SELF. You, as me, and all of us are the mirror”.

Peace be with you, Friendship know you, Spirit find you always…


This is the first of a series of articles condensed from my upcoming book “Awakenings/ life,  a road of awareness”.  Just thoughts and my opinions, they truly do not have to be yours.  Later…

New you…New Age…New World…NUWANTS…

Native American legend: In an American Indian parable, the Creator gathers all the animals together and says: “I want to hide something from the human animal until they are ready for it–The realization they will create their own reality”.









I also found a similar statement in the Upanishads, one of the great written words my teachers guided me to years ago. When I read these words, and again read them from another people across an ocean, both with a spiritual understanding of what, why, and how to live in harmony, happiness, and peace I knew there was truth to them. It was at that time I began to realize a truth, that for me was liberating, freedom of Spirit and Heart. It was also at that time I began the grandest of journeys, that of SELF in self. My role in life has matured more each day since. I would say today, “What a Rush, This Experience called LIFE.”

Today’s new Age thinking seems to support more of the old age ways than anything new. We hold tightly to the conditioned ways we see our selves and the world. Believing in a creator is what we say we do while doing everything that is in opposite of that creator. One of the first truths we are given at birth is that of choice, free will.

Todays world and reality is actually the consequences of that choice, free will, we each were given the day we were born. The choices made throughout our days simply create the life and the world we live in. There are those who would say that Karma is at work. If Karma it is only the outcome of the choices made by each of us, it is creating our destiny both as a society ourselves.

Could the law of choice be telling us something, could Karma be giving us a view of a different perspective. Questions may come in many ways and many guises. I find myself looking and telling me that our choices must change if we are to have the world and life we seek. In one sense we have no choice until we move our level of consciousness. That would require a higher awareness; until this happens how will we choose differently. As long as we choose to not see what is in front of us there can be no better choices.

Man has in times of stress and distress either in mental, spiritual, or physical sought to better the association, or his connection to the divine, the creator that brought this universe and this world into being. The words spoken are always the same when one searches, they have been so from the beginning. “Will you be my children. I will be your God, your source”. “You turn your faces from me I must turn my face from you. For all your endeavors that make manifest your world, your own powers shall bring it all down. Do not ignore that which is truly divine as this is within you always. They are not old tales, rather that which you are. Become aware of this and conscious of what in truth you are. As this is how worlds will come into being.”

Man in moving into this New Age, this New World, and yes this New You and is struggling out of the prehistoric mire. Man and woman will find that the proud arrogant steps toward progress will be circled with choices, that the free will of each of us is as important, in fact more important than the blinded conditioning of others. After all we may be unique in the individual but are one from the source. Our blind faith may require us to open our eyes to what we have done so as to bring about a different perspective of our selves and our world.

Becoming wise and clever through the wisdom provided by our source will gain us each, and society as a whole a new knowledge, greater awareness and a consciousness for our “NuWants”. This surly will require much compassion and more love. From this we can develop more understanding, less we perish in  ignorance of our blindness.

Today we and our world stand at a moment in time and human history when our survival will balance on our desire to love or hate, give or take, be our best or continue as our worst. Blind faith will not find any more than no light while hope and faith in ourselves as one with our source will bring the light of hope through LOVE the abundance we equally do deserve. The greatest of these will always be LOVE as LOVE is the heart of our source.

This will begin with the way we think, both about ourselves, our society, and our world. Conscious thought is not awareness of thought. As one thinks one speaks, words are like a life when spoken and take direction of their own. Words become actions, the motion of thought and ultimately the destiny of the thinker.

Worldly gifts may be heaped on the feet of foolish men and women. Worldly foolishness brings the end of ones world while finding no peace within or out. Serenity is the gift to one who becomes aware of the thoughts, words, and actions. Compassionate wisdom becomes the wise and clever our New Age and New Self utilizes to bring forth change through choice.

The question now becomes what choice as we all are free to do and be as we will.  It will be more than talent or beauty, wealth or fame. In fact it will be more than patriotism or nation, race, or creed that is our New Self, New Age, and New World. While all this is of the material world we live in it will not be enough.

Our world is and has for thousands of years been based on three poisons, those being GREED, HATRED, and IGNORANCE. We have to some extent been conscious of this, not aware of the world we were creating while poisoning it as we have in body and mind. Todays world writhes in the grip of our self-inflicted ignorance of these poisons. Will our choice be to continue this way as the destiny of us and our world is at stake. Karma is showing us all the destiny we face if we choose to remain in our ignorance of our actions. That to me would be stupid although some could be insane enough to not want to change. For them the poison has moved to deep within their soul. They choose to live in a self-inflicted ignorance of awareness. Could say unconscious while awake at the wheel of life.

Simple is a choice, to change greed to giving, hatred to LOVE and ignorance to awareness of SELF in self. The infinite source of I AM rather than just ME . That choice should be through free will as nothing is gained or learned through force. We will either poison ourselves with the three poisons or free ourselves through change. Karma may take from us what we do not require only to give us what we truly want. We meditate and pray for a better relationship with our source. It will be found when we realize the treasure hidden within our self. “Know thy self and be free” is the mantra for today’s New You, New Age, and New World. This truly would be ones “NuWants, the choice is yours, the World is waiting…

Peace be with You, Friendship find You, Spirit know You…always…